One Yard Wonders Sew Along – Week 16 Finished Projects

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Welcome to Week 16 of the One Yard Wonders Sew Along!

Week 16 – Project 38
School Binder
– designed by Charlene Caruso page 106

Diana selected 3 fabrics for the Binder Cover.  Aneela Hoey Sherbet Pips Girl In A Tree Swing Pink Lemonade, Puppy Dog Tails Cotton Candy Blue, and Play Dot Pink Grey.

Highlights of Materials Needed:

2 yards of fusible interfacing

Diana’s Tips and Thoughts

  • What a happy fabric for such a fun project! Even the names of the Sherbet Pips are so fun!
  • When adding 1/2 inch for seam allowances on all 4 sides, be sure to add the extra 1/2 inch to the width.
  • Diana loved making the binder. The pattern was well written and easy to follow.

The Pips binder will be going to school with Lexi, Diana’s teen-aged daughter. Another binder is in the works for all Diana’s downloadable pattern pages.

Week 16 – Project 39
Quilted Lunch Bag
– designed by Mary Richmond page 108

Melissa chose 2 fabrics. MoMo Just Wing Flowers Turquoise and Just Wing It Minis Tomato.

Highlights of Materials Needed:

3/4 yard of insulated batting, cut to 22″ x 36″

1 package of 3/4″ double fold bias tape

3″ of sew-on Velcro

1 decorative button

Quilter’s safety pins

Sewing machine walking foot (optional)

Publisher’s Corrections:

Quilted Lunch Bag
Page 110 – 3. Prep the Pieces

Encase one wide (top) edge. . . From the top, mark the body piece as shown along both long sides at 10” and again at 14 1/2”. . . attaching the side pieces.

Page 110 – 5. Stitch the Sides

With wrong sides together. . . Pin in place and stitch to the 10” mark. . . Do the same with the second side piece.

Melissa’s Tips and Thoughts

  • The finished product is beautiful.
  • Melissa felt the lunch bag was not as easy as it looked. She found the binding to be challenging because of the bulk. (This may vary from machine to machine.)
  • She quilted the bag pieces after she cut them so she could do the applique.
  • The bag body was made 1 inch longer to give more length to the flap.
  • She would not recommend a directional fabric, the print would be upside down on the back.
  • The size of the bag was bigger than expected, a wonderful surprise.
  • Melissa made her own seam binding from a contrasting fabric. A third fabric could be used for the inside.

This pocket is a fun part of the lunch bag that was not pictured in the One Yard Wonders book. Melissa’s addition of the fork and spoon are so cute! A pop of red rick rack provided by the Ribbon Jar.

The perfect personal touch, an applique inspired by a vintage sign.

How to participate: One Yard Wonders Sew Along Details

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