Bumble Beans Inc. BASICS Quilt Gather

on May 14, 2010 in Inspiration, Quilting | 12 comments

This toddler sized quilt has been in my collection of finished quilts for several years now. Patiently waiting to be gifted to the right child. I’ve pulled it out on quite a few occasions. Hmm, no. Not the right match. This time when I pulled it out it was the perfect match. So perfect I didn’t even hesitate. Didn’t need to force it. Didn’t debate over it being right. It was the match. Period.

I love this quilt. I made it with left over blocks from Jone’s Garden. I backed it with the angel babies print that is my most favorite fabric that Jone has ever designed. This quilt carries with it love, a joyful spirit, and guardian angels. Pretty powerful stuff for a blankie.

Who’s getting it?

Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Bumble Beans Inc. is leading an effort to collect finished quilts for BASICS/Promesa. BASICS is a community based organization in the South Bronx, New York City. BASICS goal is to assist disadvantaged families and individuals with services that enhance their ability to thrive in the community.

Victoria contacted me last month to tell me about her project to collect quilts for BASICS which they will in turn distribute to families they assist. She recently completed a block gathering campaign through her blog that resulted in enough blocks to make 50 quilts. Victoria is now moving the project in the direction of collecting finished quilts.

There are certain charitable activities that really grab my heartstrings. Quilts for kids that need them sits right there at the tippy top. I absolutely ADORE people like Victoria that take the initiative to lead an effort of this magnitude. She’s got a fabulous line up of prizes for people that donate quilts including items from Pink Chalk Fabrics, Purl Soho, and Janome!

So… what are you waiting for? Get over to the Bumble Beans Inc. BASICS Quilt Gather website right now and learn how you can get involved.

Happy Weekend Making! xo Kathy

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