Would you like some cheese with your Whine?

on Apr 21, 2010 in Musings, Sewing | 107 comments

Back in the grand old 90’s I had a colleague who had a HUGE wedge of plastic cheese on his desk. There was a handwritten sign on top that said “Would you like some cheese with your whine?” Made me laugh every time.

Let me just say I’ve had one of those weeks. I’m not sleeping well either just to make it extra special for all the loving souls I’m blessed to be surrounded by each day.

After a little research I discovered I’m suffering from Periodic Inadequacy Syndrome Series Y (PISSY for short). An extremely common ailment amongst craft bloggers. It’s characterized by a feeling of inadequacy and envy brought on by reading too many blogs about too many perfect lives lived by people creating too many perfect projects in their too perfect houses. It often appears in conjunction with delusions that one should be Twittering, Facebooking, blogging, Flickring, writing a book, producing a YouTube Video, Digging, and LinkedIning all at the same time or else they’re just not doing everything they should to make their business a success.  I’ve got a very bad case.

The antidote is e-mail and phone communication with people smarter than yourself (thank you Sarah and Jone). A glass of real wine is not a bad idea either.

That Mail Sack up there? I finished that one before Christmas for my sister Anna. I have not mailed it yet. I’m going to try and do that tomorrow. Have fun with this wacky internet world my friends, I’m feeling better already.

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