One Yard Wonders – Review & Giveaway

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12/13/09: giveaway winners announced

There is a very funny story related to how I got this book at Quilt Market. My mom doesn’t sew but thoroughly enjoyed walking the show floor. She viewed the experience through a lens that captured opportunities I never would have spotted.

There was a line of people waiting to meet Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. They were there to promote and sign their new book One-Yard Wonders. The cover looked very interesting and my mom decided to stand in line to purchase a copy for a friend of hers. By the time we got to the front of the line I decided I would get a signed copy to give away on the blog. Heck, at wholesale prices we’d be getting a very good deal!

So we get to the front and have the pleasure of meeting and chatting with these two very vibrant and lovely ladies. So excited to be there talking about their book. Their energy and enthusiasm was truly infectious and a joy to experience.

My Mom pulls out a very large denomination bill to pay for the books and everyone laughs. They’re free! Yes, the publisher was sponsoring the giveaway (I guess this is true with all book signings at Quilt Market, who knew!). There was a photographer with the authors and he insisted on taking some photos with my mom trying to give them money and Rebecca and Patricia making very exaggerated gestures refusing to take any! We had such a good laugh over this.

I ended up reading this book cover to cover. Diving into the detail on projects that caught my eye. Stepping through each line of the instructions. It’s extremely well edited, illustrated, and complete.

Above is a great example of the level of detail contained in the book. I’m a stickler for accuracy and illustrations and I think this book does an excellent job of delivering on both counts.

The designs come from a wide array of talented designers including projects by Patricia and Rebecca. I spotted several friends in the mix including Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson (Elizabeth’s downloadable patterns are available in the shop), Jhoanna Monte Aranez of One Red Robin (patterns also available in the shop), June Gilbank of Planet June, Michele Chisholm of Calico Daisy, and Regina Lord of Creative Kismet. Yay for all the talented designers featured in the book.

I would have enjoyed reading more about the inspiration for a book on making things with only one yard of fabric and how the authors selected the projects to include. My guess is this content may be sitting on the cutting room floor due to page budget cuts. It’s quite a volume of content (101 projects) in 302 spiral bound pages.

The projects are organized by Dwell Redux, Household Affairs, Craft Organization, On the Go, From Head to Toe (clothing and accessories), Carry It All, Outfit Your Small Wonder, Accessorize Your Little One, Playtime and Your Furry Friends. Truly a project for every occasion.

The idea of creating something from one of yard fabric is a brilliant platform for a book. A resource that can sit at the ready when the urge to create is strong. We all have those one yard cuts in our stash waiting for their opportunity to shine. One-Yard Wonders is a fabulous collection of clever designs presented in a beautiful layout sure to inspire your creative making.


I’m giving away one signed copy of One-Yard Wonders. I’m also giving away 3 fat quarter sets from Tanya Whelan’s gorgeous new collection Dolce to 3 different winners. Leave a comment sharing a project you’re making for gifts or holiday decorations. I’ll draw a winner on Monday morning.

12/13/09: giveaway winners announced

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