Sewing Pattern Review: The Liverpool by Amy Butler

on Nov 13, 2009 in Pattern Reviews, Sewing | 38 comments

When Amy Butler’s new sewing pattern The Liverpool arrived we immediately started pulling out bolts imagining what each would look like made up into this perfect tunic shirt. Susan is already done! Here’s her review:

Cute, cute!  The Liverpool pattern was a must try from the start.  I am always looking for that perfect shirt pattern and this one is a keeper!

I love the styling and the variations of length. With darts at the bust and waist you get a very slimming and fitted shirt. The only adjustment I made was to lengthen the back length.  I am a bit on the narrow side and found the fit great across the shoulders.  Watch your back yoke measurement to get a good fit.  I was pleased with the ease for the hips.

Yes, it did turn out like the pattern cover. Was it easy?… Well… it could be easier.

I have to be truthful and say that Amy Butler pattern instructions always leave me with big question marks.  Why are there no pictures of the back or the 3/4 length sleeve detail?  I made up the cuff treatment.  Maybe that is what it is supposed to look like, maybe not. Where are the notches for alignment?  If you are an experienced sewist I would say…glance at the instructions then make it your way. If you are new to sewing, don’t be scared. It really goes together very quickly.

I made it using the French General Rouenneries Tournesal Turkey Red.  The pattern cover shows Love Memento Burgundy. Both fabrics have medallion prints which need to be matched at the sides and front band.  Of course…be careful with those medallions…you don’t want them right on your bust apex.

This shirt can become addictive.  I want to make it out of every print we have.  The short shirt with short sleeves for summer and the dress length made out of the French General linen.  Kathy tells me that at Quilt Market Amy Butler was wearing the tunic as a jacket made out of the home dec fabric.  I would say if you want to try the jacket, make it a size bigger than you normally wear.  Have fun with it!

Thank you to Susan for sharing her review. It’s inspiring me to get to work!

We had a rather lengthy discussion about the lack of illustrations for some of the feature details. It’s taken for granted when purchasing a Big Four pattern (Vogue, McCalls, Simplicity and Butterick). Of course, the styling and detail of The Liverpool is absolutely fabulous! We’re so thankful there are hip and stylish designs by independent pattern designers offering an alternative to traditional patterns. We both agreed that line drawings of the front and back of a design is extremely useful.

I’ve taken close up shots of Susan’s cuff treatment and the back of the tunic. If you ever need assistance with pattern instructions please feel free to call us at the shop and we’d be glad to assist you!

Happy Weekend Sewing! xo Kathy

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