Quilting Arts Gifts 2009

on Sep 1, 2009 in Musings, Sewing | 102 comments

I get all misty-eyed when certain big events happen in my life. This can be any number of things but on this particular day it relates to having my project featured on the cover of Quilting Arts Gifts 2009. Here’s an attempt at explaining how I’m feeling about this:

I used to sew like mad. From age 6 to 19 I stitched all the time. I adored making clothes for myself. Then I got busy. Busy with my career, busy having kids, busy pursuing life in a very practical and measured way. The sewing machine went quiet.

When Leil was born the urge to sew emerged out of left field. So strongly did it hit me I still remember the day I pulled out the Singer, dusted it off, found the book so I could actually thread the machine, and began making. A receiving blanket for Leil. One for Caitlin. And then one for every baby that was born in the Bay Area in the late 90’s! 40″ square, flannel on both sides, handstitched ribbon 3 inches in from the edge all the way around. The girls both still sleep with theirs.

In 2001, a Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty dress for Caitlin demanded a fancy new sewing machine, yes we all deserve a new one every 20 years! I was back in touch with my first love and enjoying every minute. I even made a slipcover for the couch. If you’ve ever done that you know how crazy an idea that is and why you should pay people that do it for a living lots and lots of money.

I started this little blog in March of 2006. The creative ideas continued to crowd out the practical ones (like my CPA practice, I can not even imagine spending all day working on someone else’s tax return right now). I published my first pattern. Just one. Who did I think I was designing patterns and actually selling them for money? Then a second. A third. A fourth. And… yes, yes, more on the way.

Pink Chalk Fabrics came along too. And getting published in a book. And an article in a magazine. And then a cover of a magazine. It is all part of my journey and when I look at it that way I cry. Joyful tears. Thankful that I found the strength to listen to my intuitive voice. A voice so easily trampled by self doubt. Thankful that I blindly follow a path that seems impractical for so so many reasons but whose force is so strong it gives me faith.

I love the beauty and the pleasure that sewing brings to the world. The creative power it gives the soul. I love that I have finally come full circle with a fire that’s been inside of me since my earliest childhood memories. Waiting patiently until I was ready too. All converging at this moment in time. It makes me pause and give thanks.

Thank you to all the friends I’ve made in this little space named Pink Chalk Studio. The friendship and kindness you all so generously share inspires and humbles me daily. I’m truly thankful.

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