My Favorite Quilt

on Apr 17, 2009 in Quilting | 75 comments

Here’s my contribution to the Bloggers Quilt Festival going on at Park City Girl. I headed over to Flickr to choose one. First off, it is so amazing to look back over 3 years worth of creative work. I hadn’t looked at my own photostream for some time. I highly recommend the experience!

The quilt I made for my sister Jenny is by far my most favorite quilt. I enjoyed reflecting on it this morning and remembering the time I spent alone in my sewing room creating this for someone I love so much.

The quilt is packed with so many emotions: tears, laughter, fear, acceptance, hope, and most of all love.

It taught me that making a quilt is a journey packed with beautiful hidden gifts for the maker and the recipient.

We’re thankful that Jenny has been cancer free since her chemo ended in September of 2007. Thank you again for all the prayers that were said across the world for her.

update: I intended to link to the original post on this quilt . The hands are me, Caitlin & Leil, my sister Anna, my sister Liz and our nephews Stephen and Matthew.

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