Double-Fold French Binding – Creating the Binding

on Apr 15, 2009 in Quilting | 46 comments

All my quilts get finished with a double-fold French binding. The following images show the first step in the process: creating the binding itself.

1. Cut 2 1/2″ strips selvage to selvage.

To calculate number of strips required: measure the outside of the quilt. Divide the total by 40″ (the length of a strip), round up. I cut one extra strip above that number to account for the waste in the bias seams used to sew the strips together as well as the overlap needed when attaching the binding to the quilt.

2. Prepare for sewing the strips together. Lay the strips out on the cutting mat. Place the ends just North of the 45 degree angle on the mat:

3. Mark a 45 degree line using a pencil:

4. Sew strip ends together. Note how the pencil line on the top strip ‘exits’ at the edge. The more accurate this placement the more even the strip joins will be:

5. Chain piecing makes the process go quickly. The tail of the bottom layer becomes the top layer in the next join:

6. Trim excess 1/4″ from the seam line:

7. Trim off the little corners:

8. Set each seam:

9. Flip over and press each seam open (clipping the corners in Step 7 prevents the seam from sticking out when pressed open):

10. Press one final time from the right side:

11. Fold binding in half and press:

12. Get your zen on and keep going!

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