on Dec 16, 2008 in Sewing | 28 comments

Finished in January of 2007, we’re enjoying our second Christmas of advent calendar love. Last year I went all out, each day’s gift thoughtfully procured, hidden around the house, and clever, rhyming riddles tucked snuggly in the pockets. This year…well… I purchased a Lego advent calendar and thoughtfully stuffed each day’s toy into the corresponding pocket. I’m learning to go easier on myself and appreciate the ritual over perfection of execution.

Last year’s big December storm provided the branch. A yard of ribbon wrapped to the stick at either end makes it easy to hang.

I get more requests via e-mail to make this a pattern than anything else I’ve ever blogged about. 2009 is going to be the year!

Two of the patterns for give-away were Christmas themed so I went ahead and selected two names this morning: #6 Mama Urchin and #73 Organizing Mommy. I’ll get these on the sleigh pronto.

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