Open and Shut

on Nov 20, 2008 in Sewing, The Business of Craft | 177 comments

11/21/08: Congratulations to Cara, comment #97! She chose my favorite one. Now off to the show!

Thoughts I had while taking pictures:

  • I LOVE how the big prints have a fabulous random pattern thing going on when closed.
  • Definitely need to keep one of the black & white ones for myself.
  • I REALLY hope the snaps hold up.
  • Looking for comparative items on Etsy for pricing assistance is a really bad idea. No, I don’t think I’ll be selling them at $5 each.
  • If you ever hear that I broke my neck falling off a ladder you’ll know what I was doing.

Pick your favorite and tell me why. I’ll pick one winner at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning before I leave for the craft show.