La Befana

on Nov 17, 2008 in Sewing, The Business of Craft | 29 comments

La Befana is a holiday craft show featuring Bainbridge Island artists. It takes place this Friday and Saturday (November 21 and 22) at the Grange Hall on Madison Avenue.

I’m very excited to be participating. Selling handmade goods is definitely not my forte but I sure do enjoy the act of making, preparing, and interacting with customers. Engaging with other crafty women on the Island is another big bonus.

With 4 days to go I’m totally wigged out that I don’t have enough to sell. These events remind me why I don’t do craft shows on a regular basis. I’ve been working through a design for those totes and I think they’re so cool. Definitely a pattern candidate. Picking out the fabrics is slowing me down. It’s just too much fun. The process is like a wrecking ball in my well organized sewing room.

I plan to have some fat quarter bundles for sale and also bring my patterns. Anything other ideas? Words of wisdom? General pep talkdom? Thank you!