Virtual Quilting Bee – September

on Nov 10, 2008 in Quilting | 18 comments

I tidied my workspace from head to toe this weekend. Desk, fabric shop area, and sewing room. My husband and kids thought I’d been been abducted and replaced by aliens. Yes, it’s been that long.

I’d hit the wall on finding things. That brochure? I know I put it mid-way down in the third stack from the right. the Indygo Junction patterns? I’m certain they came in that last shipment. Scissors, seam ripper (OK, I admit a clean up will most likely not alleviate the misplacement of this item), ruler, and rotary cutter? I just used them 15 seconds ago! It was pretty bad folks.

After I cleaned up I felt like making it messy again and started in on a project I’d been pushing to the side for too long. A virtual quilting bee block for Melissa. Melissa was September and she chose a tree theme. I’m feeling very holidayish, that definitely influenced my design on this block. I love it so much I want to make an entire Christmas quilt with different trees.

The details:

  • Finished size of the block is 12 1/2″.
  • I drew a picture of the block on graph paper.
  • Pieced strips for the green part making sure it was big enough to overlay the picture I’d drawn.
  • Pieced strips for the tree trunk and then sewed on white background fabric to either end making the unit about 14″ long.
  • Paper pieced the design starting with the tree. Sewing on background fabric on either side of the tree. Sewing on the trunk unit. Finishing up by sewing on the bottom background fabric.
  • Tear off paper. Press block with a good spritz of water. Leave on ironing board to set.
  • Use my 12 1/2″ square ruler to trim the block to size.