The Business of Craft – Starting

on Sep 17, 2008 in The Business of Craft | 24 comments

Following up on the Craft Inc. giveaway comments, today is my first weekly post on The Business of Craft. Disclaimer:

I rely heavily on my intuition to make decisions about my business. Even in the corporate world I often relied on my instincts and ‘feel’ for things vs. my analytical business education. This column will be about my experiences not my advice on the best way to do something. I also want to make each one short. An idea to ponder or an experience to share. I encourage you to add your own experiences and opinions to the comments.


In 2006 it was time for me to stop thinking about doing. I had a good time reading my own words about selling one thing. Too much planning can lead to crippling inaction. Do something and do it right now. Decide what you want to make and sell one thing before the year’s over. I guarantee it will lead to the next thing. Before you know it you’ll have a whole string of things. When that happens, watch out, you might just have a plan.