Joy Ride

on Jul 2, 2008 in Quilting | 50 comments

I created Joy Ride for the Quilting Arts “Postcards from “ Challenge. I recently received my submission back from the magazine. What a delight to open the package. We all enjoyed looking at the images and reminiscing about the road trip. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we took that trip, last July 4th!

The project didn’t get a feature in the magazine but I’m so glad I participated (first time I’ve done one of these). It’s definitely about the process rather than the result for me. I think I work best if given a theme and a deadline! The result is something so special to me and I wouldn’t have created it without the structure of the challenge.

The guidelines specified binding the postcards together. I plan to take these back apart and display them all at the same time.

I experimented with lots of different techniques. I scanned and printed the national park maps onto silk organza. There’s a small piece of map on each postcard. In the case of Mount Rushmore I printed the carvings onto cotton and worked them in.

My favorite part are those pennies we paid 25 cents to flatten in the machines at the different parks. LOVED those things as a kid.

I uploaded the inspiration photos I could locate. Here’s a link to one and two WIP posts from last year.

Wishing you lots of fun on your own holiday Joy Rides. Happy 4th!