Bye, Bye Timtex

on Jun 10, 2008 in Sewing | 33 comments

I’ve been in denial since Linda at CraftApple first broke the news to me. Out of production. Kaput. Timtex is no more. I’m hoarding the last of my supply, deciding which project is Timtex worthy. I feel like Elaine with her sponges. Timtex was the perfect product in my eyes. I’m still holding out a bit of hope that someone will take over production. Linda did an excellent write up of the other players in the extra firm stabilizer market.

I’ve started my own testing to see which products work best for the Note Taker pattern. This was test #1: Freudenberg B0509.

This is an interesting product. Extremely stiff but thin. It worked fine in the small Note Taker providing adequate sturdiness to the folio. It doesn’t have the loft of Timtex so that slightly squishy feel is missing. I don’t think using more layers of it would provide any benefit. In fact, given how dense the surface is I would anticipate difficulties sewing through more than one layer. The product creased similar to how a thin cardboard might crease. Once it’s there it’s there. It doesn’t have a self-healing property. I give it a high rating for stiffness and an average rating as a substitute for Timtex.

While I’m updating my pattern instructions to remove references to Timtex (lesson learned there!) I also took the opportunity to make the dimensions of the Notelet slightly larger. A big THANK YOU to Nicolette for helping me nail down real-world dimensions on the A5 pads and incorporating a roomier fit into the design (I’ll make those available on my website once they’re final).

I experimented with using a vintage bakelite button stacked with a Czech glass button for the closure. A little tough to sew on but so worth it. Raspberry Plume on the exterior, Pink Happy Dots, Linen Honeycomb, and Flirt Tangerine Roses on the insides.