The Emperor’s New Clothes

on May 30, 2008 in Sewing | 29 comments

Leil’s costume for the 4th grade play. Completed the day I got back from quilt market and one day before dress rehearsal. Thank goodness I’ve saved every pattern I’ve ever bought or made, even the costumes. Not only will my kids make a mint on eBay in 50 years, I sometimes pull one out and actually use it.

The skirt was Simplicity 9417, multi-sizes Yay!, purchased for a 3 year old, made for a 10 year old. The top was McCall’s 3334 which is really funny because it’s a robe pattern for a witch. I shortened the sleeves and the waist and passed on the Frankenstein edge finish. Both fabrics are West Hill by Heather Ross.

I’m most proud of the apron. A pillowcase. I cut it open and used the extra fabric from one end to make the waistband. I didn’t even finish the edges if you look close on the sides.

I realize I’m biased, but I truly believe she was the best looking peasant in the play. Best of all: Leil wants to wear it all the time!