Kelley: Thank you for your detailed answer. Someone else mentioned …

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Kelley: Thank you for your detailed answer. Someone else mentioned safety earlier in the comments. I ended up doing a fair amount of research but had a hard time coming up with anything detailed.

What do you think about the insulating pads that people use for draft proofing their light switches. It seems that would provide a UL protected layer between the fabric on the plate and the box.

I also felt better about the fact that Mod Podge is a non-flammable material. Obviously it’s not UL rated but I’m wondering if the fabric being treated with that is somewhat of a barrier. Hmmmm… and as I write that it just occurred to me that there’s a material you can apply to fabric and drapes that makes them non-flammable, a requirement for vendors at big convention hall shows. Now that may just be the ticket if the fabric coming through the hole is treated. Off to research that now!

Thank you for bringing up the issue. I do take it seriously and would like to write a follow up post about this.

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Sally: I did a little research. I didn’t turn up any specific products but I saw a lot of people stating they used a ‘waterproof acrylic sealer’ on their custom switch plates. Hope this helps!

One more bit of info on the safety concerns. Mod Podge is a non-flammable product.

To respond to Denise’s concern (which concerns me too!):

I did a lot of web surfing to try and research this issue. In general, I did not find anything conclusive on the safety of modifying a switch plate. I read a few threads on electrical forums. Most related to questions of wallpapering a switch plate. There did not seem to be a feeling that this was dangerous. It did seem that many were against it because by modifying a UL rated item (the switch plate) the contractor’s work may not pass inspection.

I’m going to continue researching the issue. If you have information about this please e-mail me.

One thing I did find were insulting foam layers for switch plates:
This would provide a layer between the actual switch plate and the electrical box.

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