Hi. I think these are adorable. As a crafter and …

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Comment on Switchplates by Kelley.

Hi. I think these are adorable. As a crafter and artist, I’d love to do this for my house. As an electrician though, I can point out the possible danger of having fabric on the inside of a switch plate. A switch is an electrical device that controls the current to a circuit to either turn it on or off. Electricity is somewhat unpredictable. If there is any sort of arc — technically a slight spark, the fabric could catch on fire. If the wires are somehow pinched in the box and short out, the arc could start the fabric on fire. Turning a switch on and off sometimes creates a small arc or spark, but I’m not sure if this would be enough to start a fire. I’m definitely not comfortable with the fabric that comes through the switch hole, though I think its brilliant. The best bet is to have nothing behind the switch plate that isn’t UL rated for the job. I’ve seen small electrical fires in boxes. I’ve seen arcs from plugs and switches when a wire with a nick in the insulation decides to fail. It’s a lot bigger and brighter than static electricity and it often scorches the inside of the box if it doesn’t melt the wire insulation. The box contains the occasional problem so that it can be fixed and doesn’t necessarily start a fire. But by adding flammable fabric to the mix, I don’t know what the results will be. But I have to say, the wheels are turning on an alternative because these switchplates are just too darned cute.