I think you need a TV show! Lovely as …

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I think you need a TV show! Lovely as usual.

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The Emperor’s New Clothes
Goodness, that is an adorable outfit! If buy costume, you mean something that she could wear anytime, then huzzah for costumes! And for moms who make them. 🙂

Oh, that blasted Internet! Gets me every time…I have to go back to strict time management on that one. I heard the rocks story with rice and walnuts!

I’m also very much a list maker, it really helps, even though I make very unrealistic lists. And I’ve started putting up inspiration/reminders/motivators all over the apartment…And I put a ‘project’/WIP everywhere (including in my bags) so that I can do something, if even for a few minutes, anytime.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year — what a gorgeous Anna Banana! The listings look great, I love your color combinations…I may have one more Christmas cookie while I look. 🙂

Mr. & Mrs. Gnome, Check
You so made this pattern POP! Happy, happy, merry, merry!

Fabric Exchange – Completed Project
Love it! Pretty, useful, and as always, so well done. Man, there’s nothing like a satin pillowcase on curly hair.