Wish you had done this months ago! i did …

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wish you had done this months ago! i did the hole for the switch the hard way! pulled it tight though so it would look neat! good job!

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Creative Marketing
i am gonna have to get this pattern!

A Good Week
sun… whats that??? its been raining here in Misery (MO) for a month… and more to come. 🙁
i wish i could get Japanese on my computer. i bought a Japanese book a couple of years ago and got so frustrated with it i won’t buy any more but i love them and i want more but can’t decipher them so i won’t…:(

i got mine yesterday and saw your pencil roll in there!

Giving Thanks
you are so talented!!!! i love everything that you do. and you have beautiful girls!!! and they look like they appreciate what you make for them… i wish mine did.