I LOVE covered, funky switchplates!! I have as many …

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I LOVE covered, funky switchplates!! I have as many of them in the house as I can find..but now I can use all that fabric I have to cover some of them. Very nice tute! thank you so much for spelling it out.

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My favorite right now, because it’s contemplative due to the ease of sewing the pieces, is the bags I’m sewing for the Senior Center. The bags are used with walkers to place the owner’s items in while they walk.

Book Giveaway: Kata Golda’s Hand-Stitched Felt – 25 Whimsical Sewing Projects
You know…at this time in my life, with more fabric and less time, I would still love some more fabric….but I would moreover love more time. So maybe, some eat away certificates so I don’t have to think about feeding the family.

OH MY!! the BEST gift would be homemade meals from someone else!!! to die for.

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I’m making a lunch bag, lined with some plasticy halloween fabric, for my ecologically-concious college daughter…bravo for her (and reminiscent of her 60’s momma). It will allow her to pack her lunch so when she leaves her house, she can eat on campus and not have to return home. I’m also making scarves from soft fabric and fleece and tote bags for the yet-to-be-concientious in-laws!!!

I’m having so much fun and I have a fabric store in my house!

But I can always use NEW fabric…hahahahaha..ain’t that the truth.

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I wish I were there!!!!!!!!!!!!

All those fabrics <> all those colors eeekkkkk

love that you gave us pix!

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whoa! this is good…..since you pointed the site out, I looked all over and never have been there, but for looking at the bag pattern you made, which I did, too.

But Cell Phone Cuties looks like fun and since the making holiday season is here, this looks like a good gift and one to use up my fabric.

Thank you!