Pretty Slick— I just love these. …

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Pretty Slick— I just love these.

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Fig Tree Quilts Giveaway
OK– I must win…. I’m a real figtree fan—I have made her cottage Garden quilt and I’m playing with her Dandelion Girl fabrics right now. I’ve made a quilt with the Yultide Blessing line also … In credibly talented lady….

20% Off Sale + Valentine’s Day Giveaway
I’m loving seeing my sewing through my daughters eyes. I’ve always been the cute dorky mom— but lately there’s a twist.. she has an appreciation for the homemade stuff. I open the doors to my quilt cabinet and look for fabric and struggle to find the “cool” stuff for the college age. I live a couple hours from fabric stores so I really have to get creative –even hit Goodwill for the hip stuff. But I’m sure having fun sewing……

Sugar + Spice
I can just picture the Teddy Bear Picnics to come on the quilt.. Great job…While I marvel and the beauty of hand quilting, I totally appreciate the durability of machine stitching… never hesitate. Our pioneer great grandmothers would have taken every advantage of machine quilting if they had had it….

I wanted to make some of these and incorporate a sunday school craft for my kids at church. But I live in the middle of know where and couldn’t find quilted fabric to work with. Next year… I’ll plan better. They’re real cute.

Hancock’s of Paducah
I received my catalog last week. Makes for great reading.