Sugar + Spice

on Mar 7, 2008 in Quilting | 115 comments

A friend of mine traveled with her sister to China last month to bring home her newly adopted niece. I had the wonderful opportunity of running into them all on the street and meeting Xin, a beautiful almost two year old with a huge smile. I immediately started scheming on this quilt for her.

It’s the Bento Box pattern by Tracey Brookshier, finished size 45″ x 45″. The color formula is very simple and fun. 9 fat quarter pairs of light and dark valued fabrics. Nancy made one of these awhile back (can’t find the post! but here’s her lovely gallery of quilts, the Bento Box is the last one on the second row). She advised me to have a lot of contrast between the fabrics in the pair so the pattern doesn’t get muddled when everything is mixed up. Excellent tip!

Label created using Printed Treasures. I machine sewed this on from the back through all the layers of the quilt. I anticipate it being washed a lot and I was afraid hand sewing would not be durable. I put the thread I used for quilting the front into the bobbin and the stitches blended nicely. Next time, if the heavens part and I remember, I’ll sew the label onto the back before quilting!

Have a fabulous weekend!