Inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy

on Feb 26, 2008 in Out of the Box | 14 comments

Kendra Allen created these fabulous birch bark prayer flags for last month’s Out of the Box challenge. Kendra was the one who submitted this challenge idea, at the meeting she spoke further about her inspiration for the idea and a discussion about Andy Goldsworthy ensued.

When I got home from the meeting I reserved some books, Hand to Earth and A Collaboration with Nature, and a movie, Rivers & Tides, from the library. The girls and I watched the film on Saturday, WOW. It’s an extremely powerful film on a number of levels. We were all struck by the mental aspects of creating art that you know will disappear back into the environment, sometimes within minutes and hours. The artist’s patience and discipline is captured in the film as well as his devotion to pursuing his craft. I would say to an obsessive extent, another discussion provoking aspect of the movie. Leil wondered how his wife and children felt while he was off making art by himself. Caitlin commented that he is the ultimate re-cycled materials artist! We were all amazed and awed by the pure beauty of his art.

After the film was over the book pages started turning. Each go around through the images would reveal new observations, subtle uses of materials and composition that were missed on the first look. Our play in the garden, the woods, and the beach will never be the same.