Rubblework Scarf

on Nov 12, 2007 in Sewing | 18 comments

The pattern’s done! It’s $5 and available as a downloadable PDF.

The downloadable part of that statement appears to be working. If you’ve implemented that functionality on your website you’ll be familiar with my reserved confidence. Let’s just hope I didn’t break too many other things along the way.

I had five awesome testers:

Once again, these gals sent the pattern over the top. They all did the job in the 24 hour turn around, absolutely amazing. They’re collectively responsible for inspiring Sewing School. A section at the end of the pattern that includes tips and tricks for beginning sewers and open minded old dogs.

My biggest thrill was seeing the images of everyone’s scarf. All different, all fabulous, all made in a couple of hours. Experienced sewers and new. Thank you all! I’m genuinely touched by the generosity and professionalism of bloggy friends that agree to test my patterns. You’re truly a special group of women.

I’m glad to have the pattern out in time for gift making. Time for me to get back to mine…

11/13/07 update with links to tester scarves: Nicolette, Michelle, Kelly, and Kim.