Skip, Toot, Yippee!

on Sep 9, 2007 in Sewing | 76 comments

I’ve spent the last 24 hours skipping around my house, tooting my own horn, and generally driving my husband and children batty.

I received a note from Joelle yesterday letting me know that her new book had arrived. Guess who’s in it?! After seeing a run down of the contents over at The Purl Bee I’m truly humbled to be included in this fabulous new collection of designs. A very sincere thank you to Joelle for discovering the pencil roll and including it in the book. She really is as nice as she seems.

I’ve already gotten a few e-mails asking me how I could keep it a secret for so long. I’m pretty good at keeping a confidence. That, and I also have a wacky superstitious side. No need to trigger any unnecessary jinxes. I don’t think my mom told anyone either.

I’m totally making those birds first thing when I get my copy.