The Cute Book

on Aug 7, 2007 in Sewing | 15 comments

Leil discovered The Cute Book at Esther’s last week. We’re at that point in the summer where I’ll buy any book on any subject if there’s a possibility it will keep the girls occupied for more than 1/2 hour. What a lovely surprise this book turned out to be.

The patterns are very simple. The legs, arms and ears are generally flat cuts that get inserted at the edges of the head or body, perfect for small hands. I scanned in the pattern pieces from the book, re-sized to order and then printed them out. The instructions were easy to follow for a 9 and 12 year old. Caitlin created Serious Monkey from start to finish with no assistance. Leil did most of her own stitching on Squirrel, Mom jumped in to help get the arms inserted and to attach the tail.

They used wool felt and wool stuffing. Both wonderful materials that keep their shape and make sewing easy for children. Laurie did a wonderful post back in February on wool felt.

The book provides great ideas for using the patterns on clothes and tote bags. Leil is already working on putting Panda on a shirt.

Studio 259’s Kid’s Korner has some great free patterns and kits available for sale. The new Felt Flower Handbag is really cute. Michelle does wonderfully intricate art quilt bags and will be teaching my favorite on Joggles this Fall.

I have one more month of kids at home, be sure to share your own kids’ sewing resources in the comments!

update: OK, this type of stuff always gives me chills. Heidi wrote about The Cute Book today too. I mean, what are the odds of that. LOVE her Kidnapper.