A Thank You Gift

on Aug 2, 2007 in Sewing | 36 comments

I’ve had an itch to make a colored pencil roll and the perfect opportunity presented itself.

After I received my sister’s quilt back from long arm genius Marybeth O’Halloran I immediately set about sewing on the binding. As I worked my way around the border I was truly touched by the detail in the quilting. Like tears in my eyes touched. Marybeth tailored the stitching to each individual block, a different pattern for each wacky block and the 9-patch. The appliquéd hands contain hearts between them. My youngest nephew Matthew’s hands have a heart at the end of a balloon string. The solid lavender framing contains its own beautiful design.

When I dropped the quilt off I requested a basic all over design. If you’ve ever had someone else do the quilting you know the difference in price between these two styles. Long arm quilters deserve every penny they charge for a custom job. It requires enormous expertise and takes a much longer time to execute. I needed a way to say thank you to Marybeth for the generosity she added from her heart to the quilt.

I like the 24 pocket version. The subtle difference of the pencil colors make for fun fabric matching. Sometimes I use a little artistic color license so I can work in a favorite print. Marybeth loves dogs so although that pocket is not a true Goldenrod, the cutest Corgi ever to be printed on a bolt of fabric makes it into the line-up. A few new prints got used too. Two from Joel Dewberry. True brown, I’m loving that fabric! And how about those Statue of Liberty images in true red? Thank you Marci (I must frame before posting her treasure of a swap box). My friend Jone Hallmark designed the little houses fabric. She paints her designs with hand mixed watercolors. I smile every time I see it. The exterior is a very fun Echino print.

Each fabric has a story behind it. Every colored pencil roll I make has 24 special little sentiments attached to it.