on Jun 27, 2007 in Quilting, Sewing | 23 comments

THE best gadget ever to be invented. The self-threading needle.

I learned about the existence of these handy little helpers from Lisa Call. Lisa also did a recent post about bringing all her threads to the top of the quilt and then burying them at the end. I used this technique on Marci’s table runner and I’m a disciple.

I’m a thread burying type of gal. I do it on all my projects. I wish I could just backstitch, clip, and be done with it. I know, OCD. But look at these results:

And if you’re not sure whether you’re a thread burying type or a backstitcher there’s nothing like a little astrological reading to clear things up. Mine was FRIGHTENINGLY accurate.

update 6/27/07: from some comments and the interpretation of this post on Craftzine I wanted to add a clarification on these needles. They are not good for regular sewing. The self-threading mechanism located at the top of the needle is bulky and difficult to pull through the fabric. Your thread can also pop out of the eye and cause the thread to fray. Both of these things were easy to compensate for when burying my threads and I highly recommend them for that application. 🙂