Pieced Heart #2 – Be Mine

on Feb 7, 2007 in Out of the Box, Quilting | 12 comments

This was #2 in the series of pieced hearts I did on the way to creating Pieced Heart #4 for the Lovely Hearts show. My Out of the Box group meets this evening and we’re trading valentines. Why did I toss this by the side of the sewing table on the way to creating #4? I looked at it and thought it looked like it was in jail. Caitlin saw it on the design wall and said it looked like it was in jail. Greg came in and said it looked like the bars were a jail cell. Consensus. The heart is in jail. I still like it. I like the colors. I like the the whole ‘Be Mine’ aka ‘Be in Jail’ theme. I’m certain the humor will be appreciated by the person who takes it home tonight.

I wanted to make sure and mention Geri’s tutorial on Skinny Bits. It’s a great technique for adding splashes of color and livening up a piece. It’s fun too. Making them bulge, making them really skinny, making them curvy. Thank you Geri for sharing this!