Advent Calendar – Finished!

on Jan 4, 2007 in Craftiness, Embroidery, Quilting, Sewing | 42 comments

I had my moments with this project. My original completion goal was December 1. As that date passed I thought of trying to catch up and then make sure the next ornament was done as each day came. Thank goodness I never caught up. Who needs that kind of pressure. My little blog along idea was stressful enough! I did finally complete it. Ready for Christmas 2007. Sometimes that’s good enough. I love it.

As I went outside to photograph the quilt it started to hail. As I set up the foam board and got the quilt straight the hail stopped and it began to sleet. As I write this it continues to sleet with thunder and lightening in the background. I have never experienced a more wacky season of weather. A very long winded way of saying I plan on a better photo shoot and will post those to Flickr for all of you who’ve patiently followed my progress with this project (Pattern Making, Pockets, Indecision, Quilting, Ornaments).

For the very observant, a note about the lack of any visible mechanism to hang the number side of the ornament over the pocket. I’ve spent yesterday trying to solve this. The small white buttons I intended to use didn’t look right. Off they came. I tried a large pearl bead. I really should have taken some pictures of my various versions of that. When I put a small seed bead to secure my thread at the top of the bead they looked liked perky little breasts. Too funny. After sleeping on it and discussing my dilemma at this morning’s ASG meeting (yet ANOTHER post that’s never been written) I’ve decided to wait until the Sew Expo in March to search out a vendor that I’m told carries Czech glass buttons.

I’m going to enter this in the holiday Whiplash challenge. Too bad they don’t have a ‘longest to complete’ category.

OK, Christmas is officially done.