Paper Hanger

on Aug 3, 2006 in Craftiness, Quilting, Sewing | 19 comments

I’ve been on a mission this summer to make my sewing room efficient and easy to work in. When I see a stack of something I go to work brainstorming a solution. This idea was inspired by the stationery shop. I purchased a wooden dowel at the hardware store and spray painted some curtain rod holders. Mine were ones left by the previous owners that I didn’t like but didn’t throw away and were sitting in the garage taking up space. Good thing I kept them. Picture of the rods before they got painted.

The sewing machines have been humming. Caitlin and Leil have been at work learning how to do simple piecing, how to press seams, and how to rip out wacky seams. I had to remind myself early in the process that I would not be getting much done myself. Of course, I still tried. Their attention spans get longer with each project. They’re up to an hour or two. Longer than it took me to cut their fabrics and get them ‘set up’. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending an hour on ‘set up’ only to have their motivation peter out after 15 minutes.

Caitlin’s four patch is the top one, she used the color wheel to help select her fabrics. Leil always goes for the Asian inspired designs. She picked the black fabric first and then I showed her how to look at the colors in her base fabric to choose others to go with it. I started some sample blocks for a Halloween quilt. Inspiration struck when I saw these quilts: one and two.

Purl Soho has launched a new blog. I’m looking forward to seeing the projects unfold and getting inspired by their modern aesthetic.

Gina posted some pre-release pics of some new Denyse Schmidt prints. They just scream baby girl quilt.

We’re off tomorrow for a final summer fling at Cannon Beach. Leave me your favorite eating spots. We’ll definitely be headed to Seaside for dinner at Norma’s and breakfast at Pig n Pancake. Salt water taffy here we come!