Pillow Talk

on Jul 26, 2006 in Sewing | 32 comments

I LOVE how this pillowcase turned out. It was super easy and quick to make. A welcome change to the unfinished, and never to be finished, blouse project that I worked on over the weekend. One of those ‘what was I thinking’ fabric choice things. The good news is that I got this pillowcase pattern for free from Esther’s. The great news is that Jenn has it posted on the Esther’s website so everyone can have it free.

Here’s a close-up of the edge:

A couple of things I’d do next time:

I will finish the first seam (the one that joins the trim and the band to the main fabric) with a zig zag or serger edge before sewing the outer seams. I didn’t think about it being a raw edge until after I joined the outer seams.

I won’t choose a directional print for the main fabric. These dogs were running in the wrong direction to cut the fabric according to the instructions. I had to cut my fabric 42 inches and then trim off one side of the selvedge so the width was 27 inches. Sort of defeated the whole ease of cutting the fabric per the instructions. If that doesn’t make any sense please leave a comment and I’ll try to explain it better.

The fabric requirements at the top of the pattern are for two pillowcases.


Thanks for all the thoughtful comments on my last post. What a wonderfully supportive group of women that live here on the internet. It reminds me of why I enjoy having this blog so much.

Other fun things:

Amy’s scraps and I got a mention over on Quilter’s Buzz yesterday. Yoohoo! OK, those 15 seconds are over.

Isabelle sent me an e-mail letting me know she made a water bottle carrier. It’s fabulous! Check it out here. I love her addition of the coin purse, too cute.

A disclaimer on the pictures above: I had to make Leil’s bed to take this picture. The beds in my house only get made when we have guests.

I’ll mention that angel now since I intentionally captured it in the picture and I’m assuming you’ll think it’s as cool as I do. There was an artist in New Mexico that made them with found wood and rusted tin. She sold them at the Tesuque Flea Market (a must go if you visit Santa Fe). The angel’s left wing has a bullet hole in it. She sold these guardians of children for $25. Had I been thinking I would have bought a case. I have one for each of the girls.